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News at the HOME-GARDEN-LEISURE 2017

Beautiful eco-design: new flowerpots made of bio-plastic

Looks like wood, but is not one: for the new eco-flowering buckets SCHÖKÜ-50 and SCHÖKÜ-54 no oak had to die! The new development of the company Eckhard Schöne Holzverarbeitung from Wiehe is made from environmentally friendly WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). The bio-plastic contains a wood fiber content of at least 50 percent, which is supplemented with binder. The WPC flowering can last longer than comparable wood models and compostable.

Due to the special construction of the curved side boards, the staves, the inner wall of the bucket is provided with ribs. By a needle-felt insert placed on these ribs, hollow chambers are formed, which thermally insulate the container wall. Thus in the winter a certain frost protection is given - and in summer this is heat-repellent. An additional fiber mat made of coconut-jute mixture forms a moisture store for receiving and discharging the water. The eco-flowering bucket is handily disassembled in the carton and is easy to assemble.