Beautiful buckets: new flowerpots made of bio-plastic

The SCHÖKÜ is a newly developed bucket, which corresponds to the characteristics of a classic flower bullet of oak wood. However, it has several advantages: it is ecological because it is not made of valuable oak. They are handily disassembled and packaged in a cardboard box and can be assembled as a coaster itself.

The material used does not consist of plastic which is not rotted, such as PVC, it is also no chipboard. The bucket consists of WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composite) with a wood fiber content of at least 50% and with a binder content of at most 50%. WPC is a bio-plastic, which is compostable after many years of use. It can be injected into a mold to so-called staves or floor parts.

The bucket of WPC has a higher durability than a comparable wooden bucket and has similar characteristics as wood, swelling properties.

Due to the special design of the staves, the inner wall of the bucket is equipped with ribs. By means of a needle-felt insert placed on the ribs, hollow chambers are formed, which lead to the insulation of the container wall and give the bucket a thermal function. Thus your new bucket has a certain frost protection in winter and has a heat-repellent effect in summer. A second additional fiber mat made of coconut / jute mixture forms a moisture storage device for receiving and discharging the water.


  • 50 cm Outer diameter top
  • 42 cm Outer diameter bottom
  • 46,5 cm External height
  • Approx. 63 liters total volume
  • Weight: 7,5 kg (unplanted)



  • 54 cm Outer diameter top
  • 42 cm Outer diameter bottom
  • 46,5 cm External height
  • Approx. 76 liters total volume
  • Weight: 9,5 kg (unplanted)