Do you know the problem?

The flowering bucket is too small and the plant can no longer be potted without smashing the planting bucket.

Eco-flowering bucket

The eco-flowering bucket is a separable container with thermal insulation. Due to the special construction of the staves, the flower bucket can be easily assembled and removed again. The eco-flowerbush is currently available in two sizes with a diameter of 50 cm and 54 cm.

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Quality for generations

"Everything old, so far as it deserves the claim, we should love but for the new we should actually live." -Theodor Fontane- As a cask builder with over 100 years of tradition, we know the requirements and needs of high-quality containers.

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Ingeniously simple assembly

The eco-flowering bucket is easy to assemble. For the SCHÖKÜ-50/54 insert 12 or 13 staves into each other. After installing the floor, putting on the tires and inserting the thermomats, the SCHÖKÜ is ready to plant in a short time. Simply brilliant.

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The eco-flowering bucket is a patented new development of the German company Eckhard Schöne from 06571 Wiehe. Read more...